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1957 Ford Thunderbird Ignition Switch Cylinder Removal

Following World War II, demand for automobiles exploded. Performance cars were particularly desirable to returning soldiers who had seen European sports cars during the war. The sleek Ford Thunderbird was an instant classic when it debuted in 1955. In 1957, Ford produced about 22,000 Thunderbirds. The cars are considered classics and remain popular today. Many Thunderbird repairs are appropriate for "do-it-yourself" mechanics. Removing the ignition switch cylinder is one such task.

Tools Used: Pliers, Slotted screwdriver

Remove Ignition Switch Cylinder

Locate the ignition switch from under the dash. It is the switch closest to the driver's-side door, and has wiring attached.

Press the switch assembly gently forward, from the rear of the panel, toward the dash.

Turn the bezel of the ignition switch assembly one-quarter turn counterclockwise to release the switch cylinder. You may wish to use a slotted screwdriver inserted into the groove on the bevel.

Pull back gently on the cylinder to remove it.

Remove the wiring from the switch cylinder, using pliers if needed.

Tips & Warnings

If referring to a Ford Motor Company Electrical Equipment Installation Manual, note that some wiring diagrams are incorrect, according to the Classic Thunderbird Club International website.

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