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1959 Chevrolet Stepside Rear Springs Removal

A 1959 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup utilizes a leaf spring rear suspension. Leaf springs are long thin strips of metal that are stacked together in packs. The ends of the spring are mounted to the vehicle's frame and the rear axle is mounted to the center of the spring. When the vehicle is traveling over uneven terrain, the leaf spring is designed to flex like a bow, cushioning the ride for passengers. 

Tools Used: Automotive jack, Jack stands, Wrench set, Socket set

Remove Rear Springs 

Park the vehicle on a level surface and block the front wheels.

Raise the rear of the vehicle and support with jack stands placed underneath the rear frame.

Raise the rear axle slightly by using an automotive jack. Don't lift the vehicle off the jack stands. Just take the weight of the rear axle off the leaf springs.

Remove the nuts, washers and u-bolts that secure the rear axle to the leaf springs.

Remove the bolt that connects the front of the leaf spring to the frame.

Remove the bolt that connects the spring shackle on the rear of the leaf spring to the frame.

Remove the leaf spring from the vehicle.

Tips & Warnings

Spray the bolts on the leaf springs with WD-40 the night before you intend to remove them. It will make removing the bolts easier.

Always follow the instructions listed in the owner's manual when lifting and lowering a vehicle. Failure to do so could result in injury or death.

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