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1962 Chevrolet Corvette Overheating Fix Instructions

The 1962 Corvette remains a popular choice for classic-car enthusiasts. The model year marked the debut of the 327 engine and the end of the C1, or first, Corvette body style. Because on-board diagnostic systems do not appear until the 1981 model year, repairing an overheating classic Corvette involves troubleshooting. Turn off the ignition of an overheating car immediately. If it overheats while operating, pull over. Allow the engine to cool to below 190 degrees F to avoid greater damage. This takes approximately 20 minutes. After, restart the car and carefully drive home. If available, use a flatbed trailer for transportation.

Tools Used: Engine coolant, Fan belt, Brake cleaner, Rebuilt or after-market water pump, 1 bottle of coolant flush

Repair an Overheating

Park the car in a place where it can sit for several hours or overnight. Allow the engine to cool completely.

Check the Corvette's coolant level. An overheating engine may simply lack enough coolant. Locate the overflow tank on the driver's side of the engine. Twist the cap off of the tank. Add coolant if required.

Examine the fan belt's condition. If it feels oily to the touch, the belt is over-lubricated and may slip on the engine pulley. A loose belt also slips. A loose slipping belt prevents an engine from properly cooling, as it has no grip to operate the water pump's fan. Tighten the belt or spray it with brake cleaner to remove excess oil.

Inspect the thermostat. If it works correctly, you can feel the fluid moving in the hose when you give the upper radiator hose a squeeze while the engine runs. If not, a sticking thermostat does not allow water to flow. Replace it with a new one.

Change the water pump if the engine still overheats. Use an aftermarket water pump, or to retain authenticity choose a rebuilt Corvette water pump.

Flush the coolant system. Purchase a bottle of coolant flush labeled as safe for aluminum radiators to avoid damaging the metal.

Replace the Corvette's radiator as a last resort.

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