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How to Adjust the Headlights on the 1938 Chevrolet

If you own a 1938 Chevy, you own a piece of history. Although the upkeep on any classic car can be time-consuming and expensive, there are a few jobs that even a relative novice can tackle at little to no cost. One such job is headlight alignment. GM has been manufacturing automobiles for nearly a century, and the headlight alignment process has remained consistent throughout the years.

Tools Used : Tape, Screwdriver

Adjust the Headlights

Park your classic Chevrolet 1 foot away from a large wall. The ground should be level with about 25 feet of space behind the car.

Cut four 6-inch pieces of tape to create two cross shapes, one in front of each headlight. The center point of the cross should match the center point of the headlight lens.

Back up the Chevy the full 25 feet and turn on the headlights. Inspect where the light beams hit on the taped wall. Both light beams should fall about 2 inches below the horizontal arm of its representative cross. This means the light will shine on the ground immediately in front of the car. The passenger light also should hit directly on the vertical arm of the cross; the driver's side should hit 2 inches to the right so that it will not blind oncoming drivers.

Open the hood and go to the rear of the headlight assembly. Along the top and the side you will find the vertical and horizontal alignment screws. Each screw controls the light beam on an axis. Adjust each headlight with a screwdriver until it lands in the desired spot on the wall.

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