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How to Repair a Vent Window on a 1958 Chevrolet

Vent windows are small windows located in the corner of car windows for added ventilation. They are most commonly found on older vehicles. Newer cars usually have just one big window. These windows are most common on the front of cars and can either be stationary or swing open. There are two options when repairing a vent window on a 1958 Chevrolet. You can either replace the window completely or try to seal the crack in it.

Tools Used: Caulk gun, Silicone sealant, Rags, Phillips head screwdriver, Pry bar, Glass

Repair Vent Window

Seal around the vent window with silicone sealant. Run a thin bead around the entire outside of the vent to try and repair it. Wipe off any excess with a rag. Cover any gaps or cracks with the sealant. If this step does not work, or you plan to replace the glass, move to Step 2.

Remove all the screws holding the armrest, window crank and inside door handle in place with a Phillips head screwdriver. Set the screws aside. Slide a pry bar between the door panel and the frame to loosen any clips holding the panel in place. Move around the door until all clips are loosened and carefully pull the door panel from the frame.

Loosen the small nut at the bottom of the door and the bolt at the edge of the chrome window frame with an adjustable wrench. Take off the long sheet metal screw that passes through the inner door panel. Twist the vent window assembly right out of the door.

Remove all screws holding the window in place to the frame. Pry up the tabs holding the window in place and carefully remove the damaged window from the frame.

Order the proper size window to fit into the opening and set the window into the frame. Secure it in place with the clips and screw down the chrome frame over the top of it. Set the window back in the door panel and begin tightening all the bolts and screws that were holding the window in place.

Install the door panel back in place in the opposite order that it was removed. Inspect the vent window to make sure it is sealed and secure in place.

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