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How to Replace the Ignition Switch on the 1956 Chevrolet

The ignition switch is used to help start your 1956 Chevrolet by sending a charge from the battery that engages the starter to turn on your engine. If you have checked all other possible problems as to why your vehicle won't start, you should replace the ignition switch. You can find the ignition switch in the steering column of your Chevy. A replacement ignition switch for the model of your Chevrolet can be picked up from your local auto store.

Tools Used: Ignition switch, Adjustable wrench, Phillips screwdriver

Replace Ignition Switch 

Lift up the hood of your Chevrolet. Support the hood with the hood stand. Locate the battery. Use a wrench to loosen the bolt fixed to the negative battery terminal. Pull the negative cable away from the battery terminal.

Enter the drivers seat. Remove the steering wheel cover. This can be done by locating the connectors around the edge of the steering wheel and lifting them off with your hands. If you are having difficulty removing them, use a flat head screwdriver; take care not to damage the steering wheel while doing this, as it will be difficult to replace a steering wheel over 50 years old.

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the sleeve that covers the steering column. This can be done by removing the mounting screws that hold it in place. Pull the sleeve away from the column and place it in a safe area.

Use the wrench to remove the mounting bolts attached to the ignition switch. Place your key in the ignition and move it to the locked position. Unhook the retaining pin which is connected to the lock cylinder using either your hand or a small screwdriver. Remove the lock cylinder and ignition switch from the steering column.

Remove the ignition switch from the lock cylinder by disconnecting the locking tabs with your hand. Attach a new ignition switch to the lock cylinder by connecting their locking tabs. Insert them both back in to the steering column and fix in place with the mounting bolts. Reattach the previously removed components by following Steps 1 to 4 in reverse.

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