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1964 Ford Mustang Take Out the Dash Air Vents When Cleaning

The Ford Mustang is a classic American sports-car that has been produced every model year since 1964, making it one of the longest running models in the automotive industry. 2005 brought a major redesign to the Ford Mustang, going back to its roots for a retro style. The retro design continues today and has influenced other auto manufacturers. Mustang owners take pride in their vehicles, and clean them often. Remove the dash air vents from your Mustang to help you clean your interior.

Tools Used: Gloves (optional)

Take Out the Dash Air Vents When Cleaning

Park your Mustang in a well-lit location and turn the engine off. Never try to remove your air vents while driving or sitting in traffic.

Press the indention on the vent to open the air vent fully. Reach your fingers inside. Grab the interior of the vent and pull. The vent clip will release and the air vent will freely pull from the dash.

Repeat the procedure for each air vent you wish to remove. Keep the air vents in a safe place while you are cleaning your Mustang. Insert them back into the dash to install; the position does not matter, as the vents can turn freely once installed.

Tips & Warnings

Don't use chemicals to clean inside your air vent cavity. The residue can come into the vehicle when your air conditioner is in use. Clean the interior of the vents with a cloth.

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