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1996 Nissan Altima GLE Timing Chain Removal and Installation

1996 Nissan Altima GLE



1. Release fuel pressure. See FUEL PRESSURE RELEASE . Drain coolant from radiator and cylinder block. Drain engine oil. Disconnect all necessary coolant hoses, electrical connectors, vacuum hoses, fuel lines and control cables.

2. Remove front exhaust tube. Remove intake manifold collector supports, and intake manifold. Remove exhaust manifold with catalytic converter. Remove air injection valve pipe. Remove intake air duct. Remove radiator fan and shroud. Remove injectors and fuel rail as an assembly. Remove distributor cap and spark plugs.

3. Set cylinder No. 1 at TDC of compression stroke, ensuring marks on crankshaft pulley and front cover align, and distributor rotor points to spark plug wire No. 1 on cap. Remove cylinder head cover. Remove distributor. ....


1. Install crankshaft sprocket with sprocket teeth toward front of engine, and shoulder toward rear of engine. Install oil pump drive spacer. Ensure cylinder No. 1 is at TDC, with crankshaft sprocket keyway at 12 o'clock position. See Fig. 14 .

2. Install inner timing chain onto crankshaft sprocket and idler sprocket. Hold idler sprocket in position. Ensure mating marks on sprockets align with Silver chain links. Install chain guide and tensioner.

3. Apply lithium grease to front cover oil seal. Apply a .08-.12" (2-3 mm) diameter bead of sealant to front cover. Install front cover. Install crankshaft pulley. Tighten bolt to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Download File PDF

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