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1999 - 2005 Jeep Cherokee Emissions Controls - EVAP Leak Detection Pump

Emissions Controls Jeep Cherokee 99 to 05

EVAP Leak Detection Pump

Removal & Installation

The Leak Detection Pump (LDP) is located under the left quarter panel behind the left/rear wheel. It is attached to a two-piece support bracket. The LDP and LDP filter are replaced (serviced) as one unit.

1. Remove stone shield behind left/rear wheel. Drill out plastic rivets for removal.

2. Remove 3 LDP mounting bolts.

3. Remove support bracket brace bolt.

4. Loosen, but do not remove 2 support bracket nuts at frame rail.

5. To separate and lower front section of two-piece support bracket, remove 3 attaching bolts on bottom of support bracket. While lowering support bracket, disconnect LDP wiring clip.

6. Disconnect electrical connector at LDP.

7. Carefully remove vapor/vacuum lines at LDP.

8. Remove LDP.

To Install:

1. Position LDP and carefully install vapor/vacuum lines to LDP and LDP filter. Download File PDF

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