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2001 Volkswagen Jetta GL Starter Removal and Installation

2001 Volkswagen Jetta GL


Removal & Installation (With 4-Speed Automatic 01M Transaxle & 5-Speed Manual 02J Transaxle)

1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove battery, and battery carrier. See Fig. 2 .

2. Disconnect all wiring from starter solenoid. Remove starter cable from retainer. Remove starter wiring from guides. Remove guides.

3. Raise and support vehicle. Remove noise insulation panel. See Fig. 3 . Remove left-side insulation panel. See Fig. 4 . Remove brackets/retainers securing power steering pressure line. Place power steering pressure line aside.

4. Remove bolts securing starter. See Fig. 5 . Remove starter. To install, reverse removal procedure. Tighten starter mounting bolt/nuts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS .

Removal & Installation (With 5-Speed Automatic Transaxle, 09A)

1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove engine cover. Disconnect intake hose, wiring harness connector, and hose from Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. Remove screws securing air filter housing assembly. Remove air filter housing assembly.

2. Remove bracket (arrow) from transaxle. See Fig. 6 . Using a flat-bladed screwdriver, unclip shifter cable from holder, and set aside.

3. Remove starter solenoid plastic protective cover. See Fig. 7 . Remove starter solenoid nut, and cable from starter solenoid. Disconnect starter solenoid wiring harness connector. Download File PDF

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