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2004 Porsche Cayenne S Main Headlight Removal and Installation

2004 Porsche Cayenne S (9PA) V8-4.5L Headlamp Service and Repair

Removing And Installing Main Headlights


 When working, carrying out tests, or adjusting the headlights on the Cayenne or when it is in the workshop, a battery charging device with a rated current of at least 40 A must be connected.

 As soon as the vehicle is unlocked, e.g. the vehicle is in the workshop or salesroom, it must be trickle charged with a battery charging device.

Removing Main Headlight


 Risk of destruction of electrical and electronic components:

 Before removing the headlights, take out the ignition key and switch off the lights.

 Risk of damage to the headlights due to:

 Abrasion and excessive temperatures.

 Headlights must not be covered when they are switched on, e.g. wing protection or film.

NOTE: The description refers to the left headlight.

1. Press down the cover "1" in the engine compartment and remove it. Download File PDF

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