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How to Install a Hard Drive Enclosure

You can use external hard drives to back up critical business data or add additional storage to a workstation. However, because external storage devices can cost hundreds of dollars, you can reduce the costs by purchasing an enclosure and an internal hard disk drive, and then installing the HDD to the case. Modern enclosures use the Serial Advanced Technology Attachment interface, and can support either 2.5- or 3.5-inch devices, depending on the model.

1. Loosen and remove all visible screws from the enclosure. Slide the cover off of the case.

2. Insert the drive into the enclosure. Connect the 7-pin SATA data cable and the 15-pin SATA power cable to the device, or push the drive into the connectors on the circuit board.

3. Line up the drive with the screw holes on the case, and then screw the drive into place. Put the cover back on the case.

4. Screw the case to the cover. Connect the USB or external SATA cable to the appropriate socket on the enclosure.

5. Plug the other end into the USB or eSATA slot on the computer, and then set the switch on the enclosure to eSATA or USB, if available.

6. Connect the power jack to the drive, and then plug the adapter into an electrical outlet. Flip the power switch, if available.

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