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How to Remove a Window Crank on a 1963 Chevrolet Nova

Muscle cars like the classic 1963 Nova are typically handled with kid gloves because of their high collector value. So when it comes to a somewhat mystifying job like removing a damaged window crank handle, you'll want to use extraordinary care. Follow these instructions carefully to remove the crank in a way that won't damage the internal window mechanism or your door interior.

Tools Used: Removal tool 

Remove Window Crank 

Visit the nearest auto-supply retailer to purchase an interior window-crank tool. This is a special type of wrench designed for our specific purpose, and it is a nearly universal tool for cars designed for the North American market. While in the store, see if they also carry replacement C-clips for window cranks. If they're available and cheap (which they tend to be), consider buying a few, just in case you break yours while taking it off.

Open the car door and sit sideways in the seat, facing the door opening. Slide the wrench-head end of the window-crank tool into the space between the base of the crank and the car-door interior. Be very careful not to scratch the door interior when you do this, and make sure the flat side of the tool is against the door. Push the tool all the way down onto the stem of the handle, until you can feel that it is securely in place.

Turn the handle of the tool so that it is pointing straight up and hold the handle steady with your left hand. The next step is to loosen and dislodge the C-shaped metal clip from the inside of the crank handle, but you will not be able to actually see the position of the clip as you do it. This step may therefore take several tries. Slowly turn the handle to one side and then the other while pushing directly downward on the handle of the tool. You should be able to feel and hear when the clip pops out of place.

Pull the window-crank tool slowly and directly upward to remove it from the window- crank stem. The crank handle may be loose enough that it slides right off; if not, pull slowly and firmly on the base of the handle, not on the knob. If you can't get much of a grip on the handle's base, use the corner of the window-crank tool to pry the handle up about 1/8 inch. You should then be able to reach all the way around it with your fingertips and pull it the rest of the way off.

Tips & Warnings

Take your time with Step 3, especially if you've never before removed a window-crank handle. There is a certain "trick" to it that is best understood by removing a few window cranks and getting a feel for it.

When the C-clip pops out of place, there is a remote chance it can fall down inside the hollow door. This is why it's not a bad idea to have some of the replacement clips on hand.

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