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How to Replace the Fuel Pump on the 1963 Chevrolet Impala 409

The Chevrolet 409 W-series eight-cylinder engine was one of the most popular engines of the era, due in part to the Beach Boys' legendary "409" song from the early 1960s. The 409 was equipped with a single mechanical fuel pump. The pump operates by way of a metal arm that moves up and down as its slides across a metal cam attached to the tip of the camshaft. Within the fuel pump are several seals. A defective fuel pump can likely be traced to those seals. Fortunately, replacing the fuel pump on the 409 is fairly straightforward.

Tools Used: Small container or shop rag, Screwdriver, Wrench, Socket wrench, Engine assembly sealer, Fuel pump gasket

Replace the Fuel Pump

Position a small container or a shop rag underneath the fuel lines where they attach to the fuel pump.

Loosen the hose clamps on each fuel line where the lines attach to the pump, using a screwdriver. Pull the lines off the metal fittings on the fuel pump.

Use a wrench to remove the metal fittings from the fuel pump that the fuel lines are attached to.

Install and tighten the metal fittings from the old pump to the new pump.

Remove the two securing bolts of the fuel pump with a socket wrench. Pull the pump off the engine.

Apply engine assembly sealer to each side of a new pump gasket. Press the fuel pump gasket onto the back of the new pump.

Position the fuel pump on the engine. Install and tighten the pump's two securing bolts with a socket wrench.

Press the fuel lines onto the metal fittings on the side of the fuel pump.

Tighten the fuel line clamps with a screwdriver to secure the lines in place.

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