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1940 Ford Coupe Window Glass Installation Instructions

Installing window glass in to a 1940 Ford Coupe isn't much different than installing a window in a modern day car. If anything, the process is much simpler and, therefore, slightly easier. One difficulty is finding a replacement window to fit the vehicle. There are a number of specialist dealers who provide components for classic vehicles such as the Coupe. You also can have a window custom made.

Tools Used: Wrench set, Screwdriver set, Window

Install Window Glass

Open the door of the Coupe and locate the screws that fix the door panel in place. Some of the screws may be concealed by plastic covers. Use a small flat-head screwdriver to carefully remove the covers.

Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screws fixed to the door panel. Place the screws in a safe area to prevent losing them. Lift the door panel away from the door.

Lower the window regulator to its lowest possible point within the door frame. If a window is already fitted to the door frame, you will first have to remove it before installing new window glass. Use a wrench to remove the two bolts that fix the windows to the regulator. Lift the window from the door frame. You may want to wear protective gloves when doing this so you don't damage your hands.

Place the new window glass in the door frame. Align the bolt holes on the bottom of the window with those on the regulator. Attach the two bolts between the holes to fix them in place.

Lift the door panel back on the door. Reattach the screws to fix the door panel in place using a Phillips-head screwdriver.

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