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1964 Volkswagen Rubber Vent Window Installation Instructions

Vent windows are small triangular shaped pieces of glass that are found in the front corners of cars. They are right next to the front windows and were much more popular in older cars. These windows can open to allow some fresh air in without having to roll down the big window. Installing a vent window in a 1964 Volkswagen follow the same instructions as installing a vent window in any other vehicle.

Tools Used: Phillips head screwdriver, Flat head screwdriver, Rubber cement, Rags, Caulk gun

Install Rubber Vent Window

Remove the door panel from the side of the car where the vent window will be installed. Loosen all of the screws holding the door panel in place with a Phillips head screwdriver. Set them aside for future use. Pop off any covers over the window cranks and door handles with a flat head screwdriver.

Grip the door panel with one hand on each side and carefully pull up to remove the panel and pop off the rivets holding the panel in place. Set the panel off to the side. Peel off the sheet of plastic that is protecting the inside of the door. Pull off from corner where the window is located just enough so it can be installed.

Clean the frame and the area where the window will be installed. Wipe it with a clean rag to make sure there is no dirt and debris in the way. Inspect the window trim to make sure it is in good shape and is secured to the frame of the car.

Run a bead of rubber cement along the edge of the trim with a caulk gun. Set the window into the opening and push down firmly so it can slide into the trim and adhere in place. Clean up any excess cement with a clean rag and wait one hour for the cement to set in.

Attach the plastic cover back in place and reinstall the door panel in the reverse order that it was removed. Test out the window after waiting 24 hours. Raise it up and down to make sure it is working properly.

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