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1967 Ford Galaxie Dual Exhaust Installation Instructions

When it comes to hot rods and high-performance vehicles, many enthusiasts spend an inordinate amount of time and effort beefing up the engine and transmission. However, they often neglect improving the little things, such as the exhaust system. A full-flowing exhaust system that expels gas efficiently can boost horsepower and provide the deep, throaty rumble that turns heads at the Friday night Cruise-in. Installing a dual-exhaust system on a 1967 Ford Galaxies is fairly straightforward with the proper parts -- such as a prefabricated exhaust kit.

Tools Used: Welding unit, Exhaust pipe brackets, Exhaust headers with gaskets, 2 Mufflers, Dual-exhaust kit, Bracket bolts, Pipe bender

Install Dual Exhaust

Remove Current Exhaust System

Lift the Galaxie with a floor jack and place it on jack stands. Provide enough clearance for you to maneuver comfortably and to work with tools while installing the pipe.

Unbolt the existing exhaust pipe from the gathering flange that connects with the exhaust manifolds. The pipe that runs off of each manifold should join just below the transmission crossmember. Disconnect the exhaust system.

Unbolt the clamps that hold the single-exhaust system in place, while also unbolting the mufflers from the undercarriage of the Galaxie.

Pull out the exhaust pipe. Diconnect the two-into-one assembly that connects to the exhaust manifolds and discard.

Install the Dual-Exhaust System

Attach each new flange at the exhaust manifolds. Line up where the new dual-exhaust pipes will run, checking for clearance from both the ground and the chassis.

Bolt in the new pipes, one at a time, running each toward the rear of the Galaxie.

Install two new mufflers and bolt them in. Bolt in the piping leading to and from the mufflers.

Weld the piping on both sides to the collectors on the muffler.

Check that all bolts and welds are secure.

Tips & Warnings

Prefabricated exhaust system kits save a lot of time and generally bolt right into place. Bolting the mufflers to the undercarriage first allows you the freedom to route the piping nearly any way you want to. Always use face and eye protection when operating a welding outfit.

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