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1970 Ford Mustang Rear Disc Brakes Installation Instructions

The 1970 Ford Mustang came equipped with disc brakes, which provided stopping safety, as well as replacement ease for the at-home mechanic. Disc brakes are the favored brakes for the do-it-yourself car guy because of their ease of removal and installation. Rear brakes on a Mustang can be removed and replaced in around an hour if not less time.

Tools Used: Tire iron, Jack, Jack stand, Socket wrench, Rope, C-clamp

Install the Rear Disc Brakes

Loosen all of the rear lug nuts with the tire iron. Do not remove the lug nuts yet.

Place a jack underneath the rear axle and raise the car until the tires leave the ground. Set jack stands underneath the rear axle for support and safety. Lower the car onto the stands. Remove the lug nuts and remove the wheel and tire.

Undo the lower bolt on the brake caliper mounting bracket with the socket wrench. The bracket is the half-moon-shaped piece of metal attached to the rotor. Hang the bottom half of the bracket with the rope to prevent strain on the brake line. Pull the brake pads free from the mounting bracket.

Compress the brake caliper cylinder. Place the C-clamp on the mounting bracket, with one part of the clamp against the back of the bracket and the other against the brake caliper cylinder. If the clamp slips, place one of the old brake pads between it and the cylinder for a broader grip surface. Compress the cylinder until it is flush with the bracket.

Install the new brake pads. Make sure that the black brake material is facing the rotor. Each wheel uses one boxed set of brakes, but the brakes themselves are universal as far as which side of the rotor to place them on (as long as the brake material faces the rotor).

Remove the rope from the bracket and re-bolt it to the rotor. Place the tire back on the rotor and finger tighten all of the lug nuts. Lower the car and tighten all of the lugs with the tire iron.

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