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1972 Chevrolet Blazer Weatherstripping Installation Instructions

You can install new weatherstripping on your '72 Blazer with just a few inexpensive items from your local auto parts store. Weatherstripping prevents wind and moisture from entering the vehicle between the door and door frame. Weatherstripping eventually becomes old and cracked.

Tools Used: Needle-nose pliers, Clean rag, Degreasing agent, Weatherstripping

Install Weatherstripping

Locate the clips that hold the weatherstripping onto the vehicle. Remove them with needle-nose pliers and put the clips in your pocket for safe keeping.

Pull the weatherstripping off the car by sliding it off the door frame's channel using your hands.

Apply some degreasing agent to a clean rag and wipe it along the door frame and over the weatherstripping channel. You want to remove all the greasy dirt.

Slip the new weatherstripping onto the weatherstrip channel on the door frame. The groove on the back of the weatherstripping will fit neatly into this channel.

Affix the clips back onto the new weatherstripping and snap them over the weatherstripping and onto the door frame.

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