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1982-1996 Nissan Sentra Make Parking Brake Adjustments

The need for an adjustment usually means that the parking brake cables underneath have stretched and need to become tighter. Adjust the nut on the inside of your vehicle if the vehicle starts to slip down a slope when in "Park."

Tools Used: 10mm wrench, Jack, Jack stands

Make Parking Brake Adjustments

Raise your Nissan Sentra rear wheels in the air using your jack and support the rear wheels with the jack stands. Put the parking brake lever in the released position and rotate the rear wheels freely.

Remove the center console cover around the parking brake lever. Locate the center console between the driver's seat and the front passenger seat.

Pull up on the parking brake lever six to seven notches for Nissan Sentra years 1982 to 1986. For years 1987 to 1996, use seven to eight notches for drum brakes and eight to nine notches for disc brakes.

Turn the adjuster nut with your 10mm wrench until the rear wheels do not turn. Release the parking brake and the wheels should turn freely.

Bend the thin piece of metal to touch when the parking brake lever pulls up one notch. Locate this at the end of the parking brake adjuster rod. This is the parking brake warning lamp. Make sure the warning light turns off when the parking brake lever releases to the floor position.

Lower your Nissan Sentra using the jack and removing the jack stands from the rear wheels.

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