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1988-1998 GM Trucks Brake Shoes Inspection, Adjustment, Removal & installation

GM Full-Size Trucks 1988-1998 Repair Information

Brake Shoes



1. Raise and support the rear end on jackstands.

2. Remove the wheel.

3. Remove the drum from the brake assembly.

4. Use a ruler or a suitable measuring device to measure the lining thickness at the middle and both ends of the shoes.

5. Check the brake linings for peeling, cracks or extremely uneven wear.

6. Compare your readings to the minimum thickness specifications shown in the brake specifications chart in this section. If the lining thickness is less than specified, replace the brake shoes.

7. If their is evidence of the lining being contaminated by brake fluid or oil, replace the shoes.

8. Always replace the brake shoe assemblies on both sides.



See Figures 1 through 9

1. Raise and securely support the vehicle using jackstands.

2. Loosen the parking brake equalizer enough to remove all tension 2. on the brake cable. Download File PDF

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