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1989 Mercedes Benz 300SE Fuel Tank Service and Repair

1989 Mercedes Benz 300SE (126 Chassis) L6-2960cc 3.0L SOHC (103)

Fuel Tank Service and Repair

WARNING: Observe fire safety precautions.

1. Disconnect the NEG. battery cable and insulate.

2. Remove the fuel filler cap and draw out all fuel. NOTE: The fuel tank capacity is approx. 24 gals. (90 liters).

3. Remove the fuel filler neck cup seal (60/1).

4. Remove the fuel tank partition wall at the front of the trunk.

5. Detach the fuel gauge sending unit electrical connector.

6. Disconnect the fuel supply line (69) and the return line (70).

7. Detach the vent valve (51).

8. Unscrew tank fasteners (50/3)

9. Remove the fuel tank strainer (68) and clean Throughly.

10. Lift out the fuel tank.

NOTE: If the fuel tank is being replaced transfer the stick-on packings, the soundproofing strips and the fuel gauge sending unit to the new tank (note the correct position before removing).

11. Reinstall the fuel tank in reverse manner. Download File PDF

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