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1991 Chevy Truck Blazer Transfer Case Service and Repair

1991 Chevy Truck Blazer Full Size V8-350 5.7L

Transfer Case Replacement

Remove or Disconnect

1. Negative battery cable.

^ Raise the vehicle. Support with safety stands.

2. Skid plate (if equipped).

^ Drain the oil from the transfer case.

3. Front propeller shaft.

4. Left strut rod.

5. Rear propeller shaft.

6. Electrical connections at the transfer case.

7. Transfer case shift linkage at the transfer case.

^ Support the transfer case with a jack.

8. Bolts (122) and spring washers (123) (if used).

9. Gasket (121).

Install or Connect

1. New gasket (121) to the transmission. Use gasket sealer to hold it in place. Download File PDF

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