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1991 Pontiac J2000/Sunbird Timing Belt Service and Repair

1991 Pontiac J2000/Sunbird L4-121 2.0L

Timing Belt: Service and Repair

Timing Belt Replacement


1. Battery ground cable, then partially drain cooling system.

2. Coolant recovery reservoir.

3. Serpentine, A/C and/or P/S drive belts (if equipped).

5. Crankshaft pulley.

6. Timing belt cover attaching bolts and the cover.

7. Align marks on timing gears with the marks on the rear timing cover.

8. Loosen water pump bolts, then using J-33039-A on the water pump eccentric, release the belt tension.

9. Timing belt.


1. Turn crankshaft and camshaft gears clockwise to align timing marks on timing belt rear cover.

2. Timing belt, making sure that the portion between the crankshaft and camshaft gears is in tension.

3. Using J-33039-A rotate water pump eccentric clockwise until tensioner contacts high torque stop, then tighten water pump bolts slightly.

4. Rotate the engine by the crankshaft gear bolt 720° clockwise to seat timing belt on sprockets. Download File PDF

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