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1995 Mercedes Benz E 320 Camshaft Removal and Installation

1995 Mercedes Benz E 320 Cabriolet (124 Chassis) L6-3199cc 3.2L DOHC (104)

A: Removing/Installing Camshaft

Camshaft Removal

The camshafts of this engine must be removed/installed with the utmost care. To avoid breaking of camshafts, the loosening and tightening specifications for camshaft bearing caps, as well as the basic setting of camshafts in relation to ignition TDC of cylinder no. 1, must be observed with critical attention.

The following repair notes complement the Microfiche Repair Instructions, Engine 104, Mechanical, Group 05, job number 05-220 "Installing/removing camshafts". Please refer to the microfiche together with this service information.

Note :The camshafts must only be installed/removed in the basic position.

Basic Position

1. Piston of cylinder no. 1 at ignition TDC. The camshaft setting bores with 4 mm diameter (arrows) touch the upper edge of the cylinder head (both on the outside). Be sure the camshaft timing adjuster is in the retard position. (This is achieved by ensuring the engine is only rotated in the correct direction of rotation, never backwards, throughout the entire procedure) (Figure 1).

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