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1997 Mercedes Benz S 500 Shock Absorber Service and Repair

1997 Mercedes Benz S 500 Sedan (140.051) V8-5.0L (119.980)

AR32.25-P-0105A Remove/Install Front Shock Absorber

CAUTION: The vehicle must be standing on its wheels when removing the upper shock absorber mounting.

1 Detach upper shock absorber mounting.

Model 140: Counter piston rod with Alien wrench (WAF 5).

NOTE: Installation: Replace self-locking nut (11a).

2 Remove plate (11b) and rubber mount (11c).

3 Raise vehicle.

4 Detach shock absorber (11) from wishbone (31) and remove downwards.

CAUTION: Installation: Replace self-locking nut (11u).

5 Remove mounting parts (11y, 11d, 11f, 11h) for shock absorber (11).

6 Check shock absorber.

7 Install in the reverse order.

AR32.25-P-0110A Remove/Install Rear Shock Absorber Download File PDF

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