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1997 Toyota Camry LE Sedan Steering Gear Service and Repair

1997 Toyota Camry LE Sedan 4-Door V6-3.0L (1MZ-FE)

Steering Gear: Service and Repair


1. Install PS gear assembly.

a. Install the gear assembly from the LH of the vehicle.

CAUTION: Do not damage the turn pressure tubes.

b. Torque the 2 gear assembly set bolts and nuts to 181 Nm (134 ft. lbs.).

NOTE: Lift up the stabilizer bar and install the bolts.

2. Install No.1 fuel tube protector. Install the 2 bolts and nut.

3. Connect stabilizer bar. Torque the 4 bolts to 19 Nm (14 ft. lbs.).

4. Connect pressure feed and return tubes. Using SST 09631 - 22020, connect the tube, then tighten to 32 Nm (24 ft. lbs.).


- Use a torque wrench with a fulcrum length of 300 mm (11.81 inch).

- This torque value is effective in case that SST is parallel to a torque wrench.

5. Connect clamp plate, then tighten the nut to 10 Nm (7 ft. lbs.).

6. Connect intermediate shaft. Download File PDF

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