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1999 Chevrolet Corvette Antenna Mast Service and Repair

1999 Chevrolet Corvette V8-5.7L VIN G

Power Antenna Mast Replacement


The power antenna is serviced as a complete unit only, however an antenna (mast) which has been bent or broken can be replaced, rather than replacing the complete power antenna.

1. Using the socket (1) provided with the antenna (mast) service kit, remove the antenna mast nut (2).

2. Turn the ignition to the ACC or ON position.

3. Turn the radio ON to raise the power antenna.

4. Remove the antenna mast (4) with the contact spring (3). It may be necessary to gently pull the mast up by hand to release and remove.

5. Turn the radio OFF.

6. Turn the ignition OFF.


1. Turn the ignition to the ACC or ON position.

2. Turn the radio ON.

3. Insert the replacement antenna (mast) plastic cable (5) into the power antenna housing, with the serrated side of the cable facing slightly forward and toward the RH side of the vehicle. When resistance is felt, continue to gently push until the tip of the cable engages in the motor.

4. While guiding the plastic cable into the housing, have an assistant turn the radio OFF. Download File PDF

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