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1999 Mercedes Benz E 320 Camshaft Service and Repair

1999 Mercedes Benz E 320 4MATIC Sedan (210.082) V6-3.2L (112.941)

AR05.20-P-6992AU Remove/Install Camshafts


1 Remove cylinder head covers

- Air cleaner mounted on vehicle.

- Air cleaner positioned at engine side.

2 Position piston of cylinder 1 at 40 degrees after TDC


- Rotate engine at crankshaft in direction of rotation until 40 degrees marking on belt pulley/vibration damper is aligned with marking on timing case cover. The grooves on the camshafts must be pointing toward the inner V.

- Engine must not be rotated backwards.

3 Remove chain tensioner (2)

4 Remove camshaft Hall sensor (1)

5 Detach camshaft sprocket, take off

NOTE: Tie together camshaft sprocket and timing chain with cable strap (5).

6 Detach camshaft bearing bridge (4)

NOTE: Observe slackening diagram! Download File PDF

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