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1999 Mercedes Benz E 320 Timing Chain Service and Repair

1999 Mercedes Benz E 320 4MATIC Sedan (210.082) V6-3.2L (112.941)

With Electric Fan

Replace Timing Chain



Risk of explosion from hydrogen gas. Risk of poisoning and caustic burns from swallowing battery electrolyte. Risk of injury to eyes and skin suffering caustic burns from battery electrolyte or from contact with damaged lead acid batteries.

No fire, sparks, open flames or smoking.

Wear acid-resistant gloves, clothing and glasses. Pour battery electrolyte only into suitable and appropriately marked containers.

1 Disconnect ground cable of battery


Do not connect quiescent current retention device otherwise this may cause damage to the control module.

2 Remove spark plugs

NOTE: To ensure that the engine can be easily cranked when drawing in the timing chain, and to avoid the timing chain jumping across. Remove only once spark plug of each cylinder.

3 Remove cylinder head covers Download File PDF

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