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1999 Mercedes Benz SL 600 Checking Level Control Pressure Oil Pump

1999 Mercedes Benz SL 600 (129.076) V12-6.0L (120.983)

Checking Level Control Pressure Oil Pump

NOTE: Numbers in parentheses ( ) indicate a component or tool in the associated illustration.


Risk of Injury to skin or eyes due to hydraulic fluid spraying out under high pressure Risk of poisoning due to consuming hydraulic fluid


Before starting work on the hydraulic system, depressurize the system Wear protective clothing and safety gasses

1. Empty pressure oil system at rear axle

2. Connect tester to rear axle connecting piece (57)

3. Pour suitable oil into oil reservoir (2) NOTE: For testing, increase the quantity of oil to approx. 0.5 liters above the "max. " marking (a) on the oil dipstick (2a)

4. Disconnect return (flow) line (T) at oil reservoir (2), connect oil drain hose (061) to the return (flow) line (T) and guide into oil reservoir (2) Download File PDF

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