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1999 Porsche Boxster F6-2.5L Battery Service and Repair

1999 Porsche Boxster F6-2.5L

Battery: Service and Repair

Battery - Removing and Installing

Removing and installing battery

Remove battery

1. Switch ignition off and remove ignition key.

2. Open turn-lock fasteners -A-.

3. Remove battery cover.

4. First disconnect the ground strap of the battery on the negative battery terminal. Unscrew hexagon nut and remove terminal.

5. Undo hexagon nut on the positive battery terminal and remove terminal.

6. Pull off degassing hose -A- and fix in a suitable position with insulating tape.

7. Unscrew fastening screw -B-.

8. Remove battery.

Install battery.

1. Insert battery.

2. Screw in fastening screw -B-, position battery and tighten the fastening screw. Tightening torque: 23 Nm (17 ft. lbs.) Download File PDF

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