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2000-2005 Lincoln/Ford/Mercury Wheel Bearings Removal & Installation

Lincoln Aviator, Ford Explorer, Exp Sport, Exp Sport-Trac, Mercury Mountaineer 2000-2005

Wheel Bearings

Removal & Installation


Do not loosen the axle wheel hub retainer until the wheel and tire are removed from the vehicle. Wheel bearing damage will occur if the wheel bearing is unloaded with the weight of the vehicle applied.


Have an assistant press the brake pedal to keep the axle from turning.

1. Before servicing the vehicle, please familiarize yourself with safety procedures.

2. Remove the axle-to-wheel hub retainer nut and washer.

3. Remove the parking brake shoes.


Do not use a hammer to separate the outboard CV-joint from the hub. Damage to the threads and internal CV-joint components can result.

4. Press the outboard CV-joint until it is loose from the hub.

5. Remove and discard the toe link-to-wheel knuckle nut.

6. Remove the bolt and separate the toe link from the wheel knuckle. ... Download File PDF

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