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2000 BMW Z3 Coupe Clutch Service and Repair

2000 BMW Z3 Coupe (E36/7) L6-2793cc 2.8L DOHC (M52 TU)

Clutch: Service and Repair

Removing and Installing or Replace Clutch

Release screws crosswise by 1 turn at a time until load on clutch disk spring is relieved. 

Remove clutch and clutch disk. 

Clean flywheel and clutch and check for wear and tear. 

Replace flywheel/clutch if necessary. 

Check grooved ball (Pilot) bearing in crankshaft for ease of movement and tightness and if necessary replace. 

Check retaining screws on flywheel are free of oil leaks and replace if necessary. 

Check clutch disk for damage and friction rust in hub profile and replace if necessary 

Check clutch disk for wear: 

Measure lining clearance at the lining rivets at each closing head (A). 

Note: Rivet connection 

A) Closing head 

B) Swage head 

The clutch disk must be replaced if the lining clearance at the closing head (A) is less than 1 mm. Push clutch disk onto the cleaned transmission input shaft and check for easy movability. Download File PDF

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