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2002 Acura MDX Timing Belt Installation Instructions

2002 MDX - Timing Belt Installation

NOTE: The following procedure is for installing a new timing belt. If you are installing a used timing belt, refer to the next procedure.

New Belt

1. Clean the timing belt pulleys, and the upper and lower covers.

2. Set the timing belt drive pulley to Top Dead Center (TDC) by aligning the TDC mark (A) on the tooth of the timing belt drive pulley with the pointer (B) on the oil pump.

3. Set the camshaft pulleys to TDC by aligning the TDC marks (A) on the camshaft pulleys with the pointers (B) on the back covers.

4. Remove the battery clamp bolt from the back cover.

5. Remove the auto-tensioner.

6. Align the holes on the rod and housing of the auto-tensioner.

7. Use a hydraulic press to slowly compress the auto-tensioner. Insert a 2.0 mm (0.08 in.) pin through the housing and the rod.

NOTE: The compression pressure should not exceed 9,800 N (1,000 kgf, 2,200 lbf).

8. Install the auto-tensioner.

NOTE: Make sure the pin stays in place.

9. Install the timing belt in a counterclockwise sequence starting with the drive pulley. Download File PDF

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