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2002 Pontiac Bonneville Window Regulator Service and Repair

2002 Pontiac Bonneville V6-3.8L VIN K

Window Regulator: Service and Repair

Handle Bezel Replacement - Inside


The front inside door handle bezel has electrical connectors, the rear does not.

1. Insert a flat bladed tool behind the forward upper edge of the door handle bezel.

2. Gently pry the upper portion of the bezel away from the door trim panel.

3. Pull the bezel forward over the inside door handle.

4. Disconnect the electrical connector.


1. Connect the electrical connectors, if any, to the inside door handle bezel.

2. Guide the inside door handle through the opening in the door handle bezel.

3. Snap the door handle bezel into place.

4. Work the rubber around and behind both the manual lock knob and the inside door handle. Download File PDF

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