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2002 Saturn SL2 A/T - 2nd to 3rd Gear Shift Flare

2002 Saturn SL2 L4-1.9L DOHC VIN 7 

A/T - 2nd to 3rd Gear Shift Flare


Automatic Transaxle 2-3 Shift Flare During First Minutes of Driving After Cold Soak (Perform Bulletin Procedure)


2002 Saturn S-Series Vehicles with Automatic Transaxle (RPOs MP6, MP7)


Some customers of 2002 S-series vehicles with MP6 or MP7 automatic transaxles may comment on a 2-3 shift flare during the first few minutes of driving after vehicle cold soak.


This condition may be caused by improper pressure, a leak in the 2nd clutch circuit, improper clutch plate finish on 2nd and 3rd clutches, a restriction in the 3rd clutch oil delivery path in the end cover, or improper surface finish in the piston bores of the 2-3 clutch housing.


To correct this condition, duplicate by cold soaking the vehicle the amount of time at temperature described by the owner. Refer to procedure in this bulletin.

Service Procedure

1. Verify proper transaxle pressures by installing gauge and performing stepped pressure test after cold soak. Download File PDF

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