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2004 BMW 330Ci Steering Wheel Removal & Installation

2004 BMW 330Ci


WARNING: Conform with safety precautions. Incorrect handling can activate AIRBAG and result in injury.

Removal & Installation

CAUTION: AIRBAG unit must be placed with padded cushion facing upward.

1. Remove AIRBAG unit. See appropriate AIRBAG RESTRAINT SYSTEMS article.

2. Move steering wheel/wheels to straight ahead position. Release screw and remove steering wheel. See Fig. 29 .

3. If replacing steering wheel, transfer switch unit.

4. To install, reverse removal procedure. Ensure wheels are in straight ahead position. Fit steering wheel. Markings on steering wheel and steering spindle must match up. See Fig. 30 .

5. Tighten screw to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS .

Fig. 29: Removing Steering Wheel Download File PDF

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