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Audi B5 S4 Side Mount Intercooler Installation

Audi B5 S4 Side Mount Intercooler Installation

Lift the car and secure it with jack stands. Ramps will also work. Remove lower engine splash shield. 

Remove side grilles from bumper. Use a slotted screwdriver through the grille inserts and pry the two tabs behind the inner most edge of each of the inserts. 

Remove 3 bolts securing each headlight in place. Use caution when removing bolt behind the turn signal bulbs, as they are hard to retrieve if dropped. 

Disconnect headlight plug. From the turn signal end, pull the headlight forward slightly, and then slide outwards to remove from inner locating dowel. 

Remove headlight and disconnect turn signal bulb connector. You can also remove the bulb and connector together. 

Remove two torx screws securing bumper to inner fender liner. One screw per side. Disconnect washer fluid hose 

Using a 6mm Hex bit, remove bolts (2) securing bumper to bumper shocks. One per side. 

Pull upwards and outwards on the rear outer corner of the bumper. This will unclip the lower part of the bumper from the fender mount.

Push downwards and outwards on the same corner of the bumper to unclip the top section from the fender mount. Download File PDF

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