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How to Install a Fuel Pump on a 1969 Lincoln Continental

The 1969 Lincoln Continental was available only with Ford's new 460 engine. The 460 relied on a mechanical fuel pump to draw fuel toward the front of the vehicle from the fuel tank and then pump that fuel to the carburetor. Although a defective fuel pump will sometimes leak, the more common symptom is a lack of power at high engine speeds, as the pump struggles to provide the engine with enough fuel. Because the fuel pump is a sealed unit, a defective pump cannot be repaired. However, installing a new pump typically takes only a few minutes.

Tools Used: Flathead screwdriver, Socket wrench, Gasket sealant, Fuel pump gasket

Install a Fuel Pump

Loosen the clamps which secure the two fuel lines to the bottom of the fuel pump with a flathead screwdriver, then pull both fuel lines off of the fuel pump.

Remove the single bolt on each side of the fuel pump with a socket wrench, then pull the pump of off the engine. If the pump cannot be easily removed from the engine, turn the bolt in the center of the vibration dampener with a socket wrench to rotate the engine. A circular fuel pump eccentric on the tip of the camshaft operates the arm which protrudes from the back of the fuel pump. Rotating the engine will move the eccentric to its lowest point and allow the pump to easily be pulled off of the engine.

Remove the old fuel pump gasket from the side of the engine. Apply gasket sealant to each side of a new fuel pump gasket, then position the gasket onto the back of the replacement fuel pump.

Guide the metal arm at the back of the fuel pump into the engine, then press the pump firmly against the engine block and install the fuel pump's two bolts with a socket wrench.

Connect the fuel lines to the fuel pump and tighten the hose clamps with a flathead screwdriver.

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