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How to Install a Rear Louvers on a 1969 Ford Mustang

Restoring or upgrading classic vehicles such as the 1969 Ford Mustang can be a rewarding hobby. It can also be very frustrating if you are trying to complete a complicated task without detailed installations. Installing rear window louvers, which are metal shades that block sunlight and enhance the classic look of your Mustang, is a fairly simple task requiring only a few tools. It can be completed in one to two hours.

Tools Used: Pencil or marker, Power drill with adjustable drill bits, 19/64-inch drill bit, 1/4-inch drill bit, 11 mm wrench, Phillips screwdriver

Install a Rear Louvers

Install the included gasket onto the louvers by simply sliding it on with your hands. It should click into place firmly. Install the louver hinges onto the top of the louvers using your Phillips screwdriver.

Set the louvers onto the rear window of your Mustang. Make sure that they are centered to your liking before continuing. Mark where the holes in the hinges overlap with the body of your Mustang using your pencil or marker.

Remove the louvers from the Mustang and set them aside. Drill holes into your Mustang using the 19/64 drill bit at the locations you marked.

Place the louvers back onto the rear window of your Mustang and align the holes in the hinges with the holes you drilled.

Secure the louvers onto the Mustang by inserting 11 mm bolts into the holes you drilled, through the holes in the hinges and tightening them with your 11 mm wrench.

Mark the locations where the holes in the louver latches overlap with the Mustang chassis.

Drill holes at the locations marked using your 1/4-inch drill bit. Secure the latches to the Mustang chassis using your Phillips screwdriver.

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