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How to Rebuild the Brake Calipers on a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

The brake calipers are a key component in the Camaro's disc brake system. The brake caliper controls the force applied to the disc brake pads. This happens when the brake pedal is pushed sending fluid to the brake caliper piston which then pushes the brake pad outward onto the disc brake rotor. The caliper assembly consists of the brake caliper housing, brake caliper piston seal, brake caliper piston, and the brake caliper dust boot. To rebuild brake calipers is a moderately challenging job but one that can be accomplished using the correct tools in under 2 hours.

Tools Used: Floor jack and jack stands, Tire iron, Pick, C-clamp, Standard wrench set, 3/8 ratchet and standard socket, 3/8 standard Allen socket set, Air compressor, Brake cleaner, Shop rags

Rebuild the Brake Calipers

Remove the brake line from your 1969 Camaro using a wrench. Plug the brake line to stop any leaking. Clean the entire caliper thoroughly with brake cleaner.

Remove the brake hose from the caliper using a wrench. Remove all brake fluid from the brake caliper by allowing draining from the brake hose hole.

Insert a rag into the brake caliper piston; the rag will cushion the piston when it is forced out with the compressed air. Insert air hose into the brake hose inlet and using compressed air push into the caliper slowly to ease the brake piston out of the caliper. Using a standard screwdriver, pry the brake caliper boot out of the caliper; with a plastic pick remove the brake caliper piston seal. Using compressed air, blow the entire brake caliper out to rid it of dust and particles.

Lubricate the caliper bore with a light coat of clean brake fluid and insert brake caliper piston seal into brake caliper bore with your hands. Install brake caliper piston boot onto the brake caliper piston groove.

Force the brake caliper piston into the brake caliper bore using a C-clamp. Press and seat the brake caliper boot around the brake caliper outer bore.

Install the hose back into the brake caliper with a new copper washer using a wrench. Install the brake caliper hose back onto vehicle using the wrench.

Tips & Warnings

When working on brake systems use gloves and safety glasses to reduce the chance of injury.

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