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How to Remove the Gas Tank on a 1969 Chevrolet Corvette

Many classic Corvette owners have the need to remove the fuel tank for two basic reasons. One is for replacement or refurbishment of the gas tank and the other is to locate the factory build sheet. If the build sheet is still intact, it will become a treasured and important piece of your car's history. Handle it gently and take every precaution necessary when retrieving this document as it will be very fragile.

Tools Used: Safety glasses, Siphon hose, Spare gas containers, Wheel blocks, Hydraulic jack, Jack stands, Open end wrench, Socket set, 2-by-6-by-36-inch piece of lumber

Remove the Gas Tank

Park the car on a level, well-ventilated area and set the parking brake. Set front tire blocks for safety. Open the battery compartment door located behind the driver's seat and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery with a box end wrench.

Remove the fuel cap located on the rear deck. Place a siphon hose inside the fuel tank and the other into an auxiliary gas tank. Siphon out all of the gasoline and temporarily store it in proper containers.

Place a hydraulic jack on one of the rear sides of the car and raise it. Place a jack stand under it for safety. Repeat the process on the other side.

Remove the muffler hanger bolts and remove the clamps with a socket wrench. Push the mufflers out of the way to gain access to the spare tire cover. Remove the long tire cover retention bolt with a socket wrench located at the center rear of the cover. This will drop the carrier down and expose the spare tire. Remove the tire and remove the carrier cover away from the car.

Find the rubber gas filler neck gasket over the fuel fill opening on the rear deck and remove it. Disconnect the fuel gauge wires located on the right side of the tank.

Place the 3-foot piece of lumber over the jack pad and position it directly under the tank. Raise the jack enough to support the weight of the tank. Remove the tank strap nuts with a socket wrench and remove the bolts. Move the straps out of the way.

Carefully lower the jack 3 or 4 inches. This will allow access to the three fuel lines located at the top of the tank near the fill opening. Reach around the tank and pull the hoses off the connecting tubes.

Lower the tank the rest of the way and remove the tank from under the car. Examine the top of the tank to see if the original build sheet is present. It is commonly found on the upper left side of the tank.

Tips & Warnings

Always wear proper eye protection when working under a car.

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