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How to Wire Fog Lamp on 1970 Plymouth Cuda

The 1970 Plymouth Cuda is a popular muscle car. The size of the engine compartment allows for numerous performance upgrades. The weight of the vehicle allows for powerful upgrades, without sacrificing performance. The Cuda uses a two-in-one round headlight mounted to the front grille, found on most older model cars and trucks. Installing the fog lamps requires identifying where you want the lamps installed and mounting them with the included hardware. Wiring the lamps to function with the headlights is simple.

Tools Used: Wire cutter, Wire splicer, 18-gauge wire, Plastic wire connectors, Electrical tape, Masking tape

Wire Fog Lamp

Clip the ground wire that connects to the headlights, approximately six inches from the light socket. You will have three wires going into the socket; one each for the high and low beams and the black ground wire. Clip only the black ground wire.

Trim a quarter inch of the rubber wire casing off each wire, using wire splicers. The wire should be 18-gauge wire. Use the 18-gauge hole to grip the wire, and pull off the casing, exposing the wires. Do this for both ends of the stock ground wire and the two wires for the fog lamps.

Connect the wire coming from the socket to the hot wire for the fog lamp. Twist the ends together, and twist on a plastic wire connector. Connect the black ground wire from the fog lamp to the ground wire going into the engine compartment. Twist the ends together, and attach a plastic wire connector.

Turn the headlights on. The fog lamps will remain active for both high and low beams. Wrap the spliced connections in electrical tape, to prevent exposure of the wires to the the elements.

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