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How to Remove a Fuel Pump on a 1985 Ford Mustang 5.0

Unlike the earlier Mustangs, which featured an engine-driven fuel pump against the side of the engine block, the 1985 Mustang was equipped with an electronic fuel pump located inside of the gasoline tank. The 1985 Mustang was equipped with one of two different styles of fuel pumps. A low-pressure pump was installed if the car was equipped with the four-cylinder engine. A high-pressure pump was used if the car was equipped with the 5.0-liter engine. Fortunately, the gas tank does not have to be removed to access the 5.0's fuel pump as it does with the low-pressure pump.

Tools Used: Jack, Safety stands, Fluid pump, Gasoline container, Screwdriver

Remove a Fuel Pump

Lift the back of the Mustang with a jack and support the back vehicle with safety stands.

Remove any gasoline from inside of the fuel tank with a hand-operated fluid pump. Insert the inlet hose of the pump into the tank through the filler opening. Insert the pump's outlet hose into a container safely designed to store gasoline. Actuate the pump by hand to remove the fuel.

Unplug the wiring connection from the bottom of the pump.

Slacken the clamps that secure each of the two fuel lines to the bottom of the fuel pump by rotating each clamp's fastener in a counterclockwise direction with a screwdriver.

Pull both fuel hoses off of the pump.

Rotate the locking ring that secures the bottom of the pump against the fuel tank in a counterclockwise direction until the ring detaches from the tank and lower the pump out of the gas tank.

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