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How to Replace the Radio in a 1997 Toyota Avalon

The 1997 Toyota Camry and Avalon came equipped with AM/FM stereos with built-in CD players. Optional units have multiple-disc CD changers. Avalon owners may find the need to replace their stock stereo system's head unit with an aftermarket stereo deck for more power, clarity and greater capability. You can choose to have a technician from the aftermarket car audio outlet perform the installation, or you can purchase the required adapters and install the new radio yourself.

Step 1 - Raise the hood of the Avalon. Pull the hood release lever under the dashboard and lift the hood from the front of the car. Remove the battery cable from the negative battery terminal of the Toyota's battery. Set the cable aside and return to the inside of the vehicle.

Step 2 - Pull the parking brake handle to the upward stowed position. Place the transmission in "Low."

Step 3 - Pry the trim bezel from the dashboard with a trim panel removal tool. Disconnect the wiring connectors from the back of the trim panel and set aside.

Step 4 - Remove the bolts at the corners of the stock stereo. Use the 10 mm socket and the ratchet. Slide the stock stereo head unit from the stereo dock. Disconnect the wiring connected to the back of the unit (antenna and stereo wiring).

Step 5 - Insert the aftermarket Toyota faceplate adapter into the dashboard stereo dock. Plug the wiring harness adapter leads into the Avalon's stereo wiring connectors.

Step 6 - Connect the wiring harness adapter lead connectors into the two outlets on the back of the new radio. Plug the antenna cable lead into the AM/FM antenna input on the back side of the new radio.

Step 7 - Slide the new radio straight into the faceplate adapter until it locks into place. Align the trim panel with the dashboard and reconnect the wiring to the cigarette lighter on the back of the trim bezel. Place the panel against the dash and press firmly around the perimeter to snap it back into place. Move back to the Toyota's engine compartment.

Replace the battery cable clamp onto the battery terminal. Tighten it with the wrench. Close the Avalon's hood.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Adjustable wrench, Trim panel removal tool, 10 mm socket, Ratchet, Wiring harness adapter, Faceplate adapter

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