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How to Locate the PCV Valve in the Ram 1500

The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve is an important part of the engine. The valve provides additional air intake into the crankcase while circulating unburned gases to prevent back pressure. Cadillac developed the first PCV valves but released the design publicly. All vehicle manufacturers, including Dodge, use similar designs. Locating the PCV valve on the Dodge Ram 1500 follows the same process as for all other vehicles. The precise location depends upon the engine and the manufacturer.

STEP 1 - Trace the air intake hose, the large tube coming out of the air filter housing, from the housing to the PCV valve. The PCV valve connects to the intake hose after the air filter.

STEP 2 - Trace any vacuum tubes coming off of the intake hose. The tubes will be black rubber about a quarter-inch in diameter. Most vehicles will only have the one. Some will have two. The vacuum tube will lead you directly to the PCV valve. The tube may route through the brake booster along the firewall.

STEP 3 - Pull the tube off of the PCV valve to verify you have located it properly. The valve on the 3.7-L and 4.7-L engines will be on the side of the oil filter housing. The 5.7-L valve is on the intake directly behind the throttle body. The 3.9-L, 5.2-L, and 5.9-L follow standard layouts and place the PCV valve on the valve covers directly. Newer engines may place the valve in a different location.

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