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1992 Ford Taurus V6-182 3.0L Dashboard/Instrument Panel Service and Repair

1992 Ford Taurus V6-182 3.0L

Dashboard / Instrument Panel: Service and Repair

Removal and Installation

NOTE: Removal and installation of the instrument panel is best accomplished by two people. Wiring and Circuit Protection for routing and connection locations.

Removal and Installation

1. Position front wheels in the straight ahead position.

2. Disconnect positive battery cable.

3. Remove cluster finish panel, please refer to Body and Frame/Interior Trim/Dash Board/Service and Repair/ See:

4. Disconnect all electrical connections from steering column switches.

5. Remove two bolts and reinforcement from under steering column.

6. Disengage insulator retainer and remove insulator.

7. Remove four nuts and absorber assembly from under steering column. Download File PDF

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