How to Remove the Dashboard in the Volvo 940

Removing the dashboard on your Volvo 940 is one of the most time-consuming maintenance tasks you can perform on your vehicle. You can expect to spend anywhere from three to four hours uninstalling screws and pulling off dash panels. Although lengthy, removing the dashboard is necessary if you wish to repair certain components of your Volvo 940 like the heater core, the stereo, the AC unit or even the instrument panel.

STEP 1 - Turn the 940's engine off and lift its hood. Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery with a socket wrench.

STEP 2 - Remove the ashtray by pulling it out of the vehicle. Pull the plastic holder behind the ashtray as well.

STEP 3 - Uninstall the two retaining screws from the center shifter panel with a slotted screwdriver. Use a slotted screwdriver to pull out the clip attaching the shifter panel the center dashboard trim. Pull the shifter panel out of the 940. Remove the two screws holding the center compartment panel to the vehicle and pull it out of the vehicle.

STEP 4 - Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws securing the passenger and driver's side kick-panels. Remove the panels from the vehicle. Use a socket wrench to remove the glove compartment's two bolts. There is one bolt on each side. Remove the two screws from the glove compartment as well. Pull the glove compartment out of the vehicle. Remove the storage compartment on the center console by removing its two screws. Pull it out of the vehicle.

STEP 5 - Remove the side panels of the dashboard. The side panels are held in by two screws and three bolts. Once you remove those, you can pull the side panels out. Unclip the radio from the center bezel and remove its two screws. Pull it out slightly and unplug its electrical-connector. Repeat the process with the AC unit. Pull out both devices from the 940.

STEP 6 - Remove the three bolts from the top part of the dashboard with a socket wrench. All that's left is pulling the dash out of the 940. You may want to have someone help you with this step as the dashboard is awkward to hold and remove. Simply pull it up off of the vehicle to remove it. Reassembly is the opposite process of disassembly. Remember to reconnect the battery when done.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Socket wrench, Slotted screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver

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