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1994 Aerostar/Ranger/Explorer Engine, 2.3L MFI/SFI I-4 Adjustments

1994 Aerostar/Ranger/Explorer Workshop Manual

Engine, 2.3L MFI/SFI I-4 

Camshaft Timing

Checking Timing

An access plug is provided in the cam drive belt cover so that camshaft timing can be checked without removal of the cover or any other parts.

1. Remove the access plug from the cam drive belt cover.

2. Rotate the crankshaft so that the No. 1 piston is rising on compression stroke.

3. Set the crankshaft to TDC by aligning the timing mark on the crank pulley with the TC mark on the belt cover. Always turn the engine in the direction of normal rotation

(clockwise, as viewed from the front). Backward rotation may cause the timing belt to jump time, due to the arrangement of the belt tensioner.

4. Look through the access hole in the belt cover to make sure that the timing mark on the cam drive sprocket is lined up with the pointer on the inner belt cover.

5. Install the belt cover access plug.

Adjusting Timing Belt Download File PDF

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